Services We Offer

Services We Offer

In order to set you up for success we believe strongly in providing the right treatment for your particular needs, we work with our clients to help understand what that might look like whether it’s just the one service or perhaps a combination of services.

In addiction, substance misuse is seen as just the first layer of our problems. One-to-one counselling helps identify and address the underlying issues that are the driving force of addiction.

Day programs are typically very similar to residential treatment programs in nature but differ in that you go home at the end of the day. They provide similar skill building type programming that usually runs for a set number of weeks.

Residential treatment is available following a comprehensive assessment.  Whilst we intend to bring residential treatment back in-house, currently we don't have that facility and as such will refer to other programs in your community where appropriate (at no additional cost to you).  Please note we cannot facilitate this option if an assessment has not been completed  by C.I.R.P staff first.

Addiction impacts not only the individual that is using, it impacts the whole family. Providing help and support where possible not just for you but for the whole family, can help set you up for success.

Skype (video counselling), online support, telephone counselling, text messaging and instant messaging these are all collectively known as ‘Telehealth’ services. Here at CIRP we are committed to providing innovative and equal care to all our clients, as such we offer Skype counselling and plan to introduce IM and text services as we expand our services.