Nina Sheere


Concurrent Disorders Counsellor
Nina Sheere, MA, BA


Nina Sheere grew up in BC’s lower mainland, and moved to Vancouver Island to study psychology and women’s studies at the University of Victoria. Since this time, Nina has worked in a variety of mental health areas including support work in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Youth Corrections, and Perinatal Addictions. Nina completed her Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology at Adler University in Vancouver, and holds certifications as a yoga teacher and in trauma sensitive yoga. She often brings this into counselling through mind-body awareness, and is excited to share her experiences with the construction industry! Nina is passionate about social justice, and in her spare time has founded a non-profit organization called the Street Feet Society focusing on raising youth’s awareness about marginalization issues in the lower mainland. Her dog, Gunnar, is often by her side in the office and out in the community!