Info for Business Reps/Managers

Info for Business Reps/Managers

How can I help one of my employees/members who isn’t ready to quit?

The person in question is a valuable member of your team, but isn’t ready to address their issues, what can you do? The question to ask yourself and them is what can they do, what is it that they are able to do right now? Maybe just making a call to CIRP to enquire about what we can offer is all that’s doable right now.  Assure the person of confidentiality, let them know that we are not connected to their employers.  We are an independent organisation offering these services as a benefit to them. 

Click here to gain an understanding of why your team member may not be ready for help.  For the person in question try giving them some handouts to read (see below). 

To Quit or Not to Quit That is the question

A member has asked me for help what do I do now?

Give him/her our telephone number and we will invite them in for a consultation.  We’ll work with the client to assess ‘next steps’.  If the person lives out-of-area and coming in is not an option we can provide Skype sessions and telephone consultations. Provide them with the following literature:

C.I.R.P. brochure

The person needs a stay at a residential rehab can he go?

This is something that we often hear.  In fact most people when they think about addiction treatment think of residential rehab facilities.  However what we know in the field of mental health and addiction is that residential is only one type of treatment. There are several ways that have been shown to be effective in mental health and addiction treatment. It is important to match the right service to each individual's needs.  For some people that will be Intensive trauma counselling, for others it might be relapse prevention coaching, for others it will involve mental health management. Our clinicians are highly trained individuals.