Harm Reduction

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C.I.R.P. works within a ‘Harm Reduction’ framework.  Harm reduction is a model that is perhaps the single most misunderstood model within addiction treatment.  People often believe harm reduction is ‘pro’ drugs, in fact Harm Reduction is neither pro_drugs or against drugs.  At its very essence Harm Reduction is about treating people who have mental health and addiction issues with the same dignity and respect as anyone else.  It is about policies and practices that reduce the harm associated with drug use. Abstinence is NOT a requirement for seeking treatment but can definitely be a goal of treatment and in our experience it often is.

It is our fundamental belief that if we can meet the person where they are ‘at’ in their substance use, then the chances of positive outcomes increase significantly, something that is borne out in research again and again.  Our experience has been that when a client feels they are able to access help, support and advice without judgement or imposed abstinence as a prerequisite to help, positive changes CAN begin to occur as a result.  By meeting a client ‘where they are at’ we can provide health promoting interventions, provide education and help them to explore their readiness for change.  If you have any questions about Harm Reduction call us and we will be happy to discuss this with you.