About Us

Continuing a legacy

CIRP was founded in the mid 1980s in response to a growing need to provide services to men and women in the construction industry with substance use issues. Since its initial inception the program has evolved and expanded, and today our mission is to provide not only the highest quality of mental health and addiction services for these men and women, but also services that are grounded in evidence and empirically based practices.

Our philosophy

We believe Integrity, professionalism, compassion and open communications are the bedrock of effective treatment.  We hold ourselves to high standards in delivering services that are recognised as 'gold standards' within the industry.  We recruit only Masters level clinicians who also hold and practice beliefs that align with the 'harm reduction' model, ensuring that all our clients experience compassion and understanding throughout their journey with us.

Who we are?

We are a treatment program that has been in business for over 35 years providing care to the construction industry. The program is undergoing an extensive redesign to incorporate the latest in addiction treatment therapies.

Our values

We pride ourselves with being a very forward thinking treatment program and we work holistically with our patients to ensure that they receive the treatment and care that works for them.

Our mission

C.I.R.P.s mission is to provide the highest quality of mental health and addiction care to members for the British Columbia and Yukon Territories organized construction industry, known as concurrent disorders treatment. To provide care that is grounded in science and empirical practice. Providing comprehensive mental health/psychiatric assessments and screening for underlying disorders or trauma, education and treatment interventions.

Our philosophy

Destigmatizing mental health and addiction. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. For people who struggle with substance misuse and mental health issues, stigma remains one of the biggest barriers to receiving addiction treatment. We at C.I.R.P. are committed to providing an environment that is free of stigma.

Our approach

At C.I.R.P. we recognise that only you have walked your path, experienced the pain and
struggle that you have. We understand that whilst we have expertise in our field, we are not the experts of you. Only you are. We work in a collaborative way with all our clients, placing them at the center of everything we do.

We are a treatment facility with rich history

C.I.R.P. has a long history of helping it's brothers and sisters within the organized construction industry.


In November of this year, the BC & Yukon Building Trades Council and the BC Construction Labour Relations Association agreed to start an industry-wide Rehabilitation Plan (C.I.R.P). This agreement mandated the parties to “…establish a rehabilitation fund to cover drug and alcohol-related problems in the construction industry of BC…”


In March a Rehabilitation Centre was proposed. This proposal called for the establishment of a construction industry funded and operated Rehabilitation Centre.

In November of this year the Rehab Centre first opened its doors. The focus moved from just a referral service to provincial substance use resources, to providing the industry with its very own residential treatment Centre complete with 14-beds available immediately to help the industry’s own.


The program became the familiar 8-bed ‘house’ as it became to be fondly known


Today the program has entered another phase of evolution, the program has been broadened and expanded in line with the best practice standards within the Mental Health & Addiction industry. It offers a wide range of services designed to recognise the complexity of addiction and the complex treatment it requires.